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Ontario Sports Hall of Fame - OSHF A Member of VICommunity, Powered by www.VISportsClub.com of QCTI - QC Technologies Inc. Part of the history of this great Province of Ontario is the outstanding achievements of its athletes. Many were born here and some found their way here by various pathways to perform as members of Ontario-based teams. Collectively, they have provided us with thousands of hours of excitement, joy, stress, heartbreak, enjoyment and most of all, pride. Sports heroes and their accomplishments become firmly entrenched in our memories. It is the role of the Ontario Sport Legends Hall of Fame (OSLHF) on behalf of all Ontarians to ensure that time will not diminish the nature of our heroes' deeds for generations to come. The Province of Ontario is the last province in this great country to have its own Sports Hall of Fame. The Ontario Sport Legends Hall of Fame, having survived for over 10 years, has now reached a point in their history, with a positive sense of direction, and a new Board of Directors, to seek out a permanent location for it's new home.